R. Scott Javore and Associates, Ltd. (RSJAL) formed in 1991 around a set of core values: providing the highest level of design integrity possible in residential architecture, while supplying the North Shore community with authentic and responsible historic preservation. Since that time, our Glencoe-based firm has expanded its scope to include new residential construction, interior design, as well as commercial, municipal, and religious architecture, and even house-moving, working throughout Chicago, northeastern Illinois, and in the state of Wisconsin.

At Javore & Associates, we understand the importance of preservation, of maintaining a home's own unique history, while also updating it to provide a new level of comfort and sophistication. Our design philosophy is one of innovation, where we use classical theories of proportion and order to offer solutions to contemporary architectural issues. We strive to provide the highest level of design quality and dedicated professional service to our clients, while also adhering to agreed upon budgets and schedules. RSJAL professionals are capable of providing a complete range of services, from programming and architectural design to millwork design, fixture and finish selection, construction documents, bidding, and negotiation coordination, as well as construction administration.